Frequently Asked Questions

What is PROGO?
PROGO is a chauffeur drive application that provides airport transfer, inner-city and inter city transportation services.
Why should I use PROGO?
With PROGO, you can take advantage of the affordable VIP car with dedicated chauffeur for you. You will not encounter surprise prices during your PROGO use and you will have a safe and practical travel experience with our experienced operation and driver team. You can use PROGO - the application that has the most extensive service network- confidingly and enjoyably.
Is PROGO safe?
PROGO is absolutely safe. Few of the reasons are as follows: -We produce approximately 250,000 private travel services in a year. -We have secure payment systems certificates in all of our digital application channels, including iOS/Android/Web. -We have a specially trained, licensed and continuously supervised driver team.
How can I become a member of PROGO?
You can easily sign up through our iOS/Android mobile apps or through our website As a member, you can benefit from campaigns exclusive to our members and you can easily track your reservations.
How can I make the payment?
You can easily and securely make transfers with your credit card. All of our iOS/Android/Web apps channels have secure payment systems certificates.
How is the payment calculated?
The fee you see on the PROGO application is the total price of the vehicle and only allocated to you. Vehicle prices do not change according to the number of passengers. Cancellations and changes to your reservations are made free of charge.
How can I track my car and driver information?
Information about your reservations is shared with you via SMS, e-mail and mobile application notifications. Your vehicle information will be sent to you by e-mail, SMS and mobile application notification one day before the date of the latest reservation. For reservations made on the same day, your vehicle information will be sent to you 3 hours before the reserve at the latest.
I forgot something in PROGO, can I get it back?
You can reach our customer service 24/7. By this way, we can provide you your lost goods as soon as possible.
Can I carry my pet with PROGO?
As per the pet transport legislation, with PROGO we only carry small (max 18 kg) pets in the special cage.
I could not reach the driver, what should I do?
We are always at your service with our 24/7 customer service at 444 7 329.
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Complete Registration
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