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Taxi Bodrum Milas Airport

PROGO offers transportation and Milas airport Bodrum transfer along with special services. If you want to experience a new way of airport transfer, keep on reading!

How To Get To Muğla Milas Bodrum Airport

Bodrum is a dream place on earth. If you ever travel to Bodrum, you should know that it is impossible not to be amazed by its beauty. Thus, it is hard to leave after a wonderful time spent there. Even if it’s hard to leave emotionally, leaving Bodrum physically is easy with all the Bodrum transportation options. Especially going to the airport from famous spots is easy. Here are some useful information for you:

Milas Bodrum Airport Transfer Services

As you have seen, there aren’t many public transportation options from Bodrum airport to Bodrum or the other way round. You can either take a taxi from Bodrum airport or get on an airport shuttle. However, there is another option that is both practical and affordable. You can take the advantages PROGO offers for you and experience a whole different Bodrum transfer online. Here are some of the privileges of using PROGO for your airport transfer needs:

Milas Bodrum Airport Transportation Alternatives

Milas Bodrum Airport Shuttle

Besides VIP airport services, there are other transportation alternatives you can consider. From renting a car to getting on a Havaş shuttle, we have gathered all the necessary information for you. Here, you can have a look at them!

Transportation By Car

There are public transportation options in Bodrum. However, they are not used frequently. Thus, if you plan to go to different places that are far from each other, then you might need to rent a car. Besides, you can also drive it to the airport when your vacation is over. There are many Bodrum Milas Airport rent-a-car options when you land. Bodrum car rental airport offices are waiting for you at the exit. You can even find leading car rental brands such as Europcar Bodrum Airport and Budget Car Rental Bodrum Airport offices. If you only need to rent a car for airport transfer, then you can make a car hire Bodrum airport offers for you. You can call the airport and ask for your options.

Transportation By Taxi

Besides car rental Bodrum airport offers, there is another option you can consider. Taking a taxi from the city to the airport or the way round is easy. However, you should pay attention to Bodrum airport taxi prices. It might be a little more expensive than you plan. Thus, you should make a deal with the taxi driver or choose another option.

Transportation By Havaş

Getting on a shuttle Bodrum Milas Airport offers to reach the city center is one of the most practical ways of it. Many people prefer this option. However, you should have a look at the spots they leave and the Havaş Bodrum Airport timetable. That way, you know where and when to get on not to miss your flight or hotel check-in.

Other Information About Milas Bodrum Airport

Bodrum Milas Car Rental Airport

Founded in 1997, Milas Bodrum Airport has been serving as one of the busiest airports of the Aegean since then. The airport hosts more than 3 million people a year including many tourists. It is located between Milas and Bodrum, which are the two busy tourist spots. So, there are many transportation options when you land there. Besides, the car park of the airport can host up to 287 cars. You can leave your car there until the date of your flight. Moreover, Milas Bodrum Airport has ATMS you can withdraw money, restaurants and cafés you can spend time and duty free shops you can visit. With all its features, Milas Bodrum Airport is going to match all your needs.

Muğla Milas Bodrum Airport Important Information Call Center: 0252 523 01 01 / 0252 511 10 00 Address: Milas Bodrum Havaalanı Girişi, 48200 Milas / Muğla Customer Relations: [email protected] Muğla Milas Bodrum Airport Geographic Coordinates: 37°15'1.20"N, 27°39'30.59"E Muğla Milas Bodrum Airport IATA Code: BJW Muğla Milas Bodrum Airport ICAO Code: LTFE Time Zone: Europe/Muğla (GMT +3:00)

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